Tu Mordi l'Aria

Short film. (Eng. Title: You Hit the Air)

Running time: 18'

Format: HD

Year: 2008

Synopsis: Two men and a dog reach a wooden house built on a river shore, where they patiently wait the end of the day to perform a magic ritual whose effect will last until dawn.

Director's Statement: 

The starting idea was to tell a story in which death is defeated by a magical act. 

To realize this idea , I was inspired by the tradition of Bizarre Magic , a particular form of staged magic whose purpose is to touch the audience on an deeper emotional level than ordinary magic. 

One of the recurring themes of bizarre magic is death; issue that is often being addressed in a grotesque manner, portraying simulated occult rituals of magical and shamanic taste directly on stage.

The first step was therefore to contact one of the most experienced bizarre magicians in Italy : the young mentalist Marco Rebella. Thanks to his help I deepened my knowledge on the subject and understood that my initial idea was almost impossible. I could not, even with his help, imagine a story in which magic would be able to defeath death.

However, what I thought was possible and equally interesting, was the opportunity to lead the viewer on a perceptual journey, next to a person, willing to leave his body for a night, accepting transformation in a different form (in this case an animal) and perceive reality in a different way, even if only temporarily.

Altought this is just a small fictional story, it allowed me to truly live the emotion to abandon my natural perception of reality for one night. I was sure of it as I started to follow the image of the dog in total darkness, capturing with my camera a picture that was able to grab my attention completely, making me forget the strange and unsettling situation in which I found myself.

In this short movie you will find some of the images that occupied my mind that night. I offer them hoping that they will have the same effect they had on me: to defeat, even if only temporarily, fear.