Mount A

Single channel projection

Running time: 42'

Format: Trailer shot in negative 16mm film (direct negative transfer) and main projection shot in HD.

Filmed in 2011 and 2012. Soon to be released.

Synopsis: Birth and death of a mountain's analogue image, as result of a rare atmospherical event that takes place in the days near the spring and fall equinox, when the sun rises exactly behind the mountain's top.

Additional Informations:

This video is the result of a long and nerve wrecking hunt.

My deep gratitude goes to archeologist Ausilio Priuli as the first man to divulgate this image in recent history along with his studies. Thanks also to Alberto Galbiati for his kindness and precious help and to all the staff of "Archeocamuni" association for their openness and support.

This particular mountain is called "Pizzo Badile Camuno" and is located in Italy, Val Camonica, and it is surrounded by an exceptional number of prehistorical carvings.

Stills from HD video