Documentary film

Running time: 58'

Language: Serbian-English (subtitled)

Format: HD

Year: 2008


Synopsis: "Filioque" is a personal collection of small stories about blood relations between individuals grown in radically different historical-political conditions.

The father's generation, raised in a socialist and multi ethnic state founded by Josip Broz Tito and the so called "lost generation", raised during the wars that disrupted yugoslavian unity during the '90s.

Quoting words by serbian journalist M. Rukaj, from an article titled "Suspended generation - A journey through serbian youth, between past and present":

"…only 8% declare themselves atheists, exactly the same number represented by religious believers in their parent's generation. These are obvious consequences of a renewed nationalism, romantic and irrational, that contributed to the recovery of the Orthodox religion that distinguishes the ethno-confessional Serbia from its neighbors".

Full documentary here:

ENG subtitles       ITA subtitles