Conformal Cyclic Cosmology explained to an empty container

Short film (commissioned)

Running time: 3'

Format: HD

Year: 2017

Commissioned by Piano B for Ezio Bosso "Concert for the earth" held in Bologna, Italy, during 2017 G7 inauguration .
Sponsored by CONAI.

Written and directed by Enrico Mazzi
in collaboration with Pierluigi Giacobazzi (

DOP: Andrea Bartoli
Sky Photography: Pierluigi Giacobazzi
Still Images: Andrea Generali
Music: Davide Ghiacci
Voice Over: Riccardo Rovatti

*The scientific theory we freely inspired to is the Conformal Cyclic Cosmology (CCC) by British mathematician, physicist, cosmologist and philosopher Roger Penrose, in which the Universe itself, during its existence, faces a transformation from an inital form (0 or beginning of time), to a final one (∞ or end of time) that are mutually conformal.
Precisely on this counterintuitive basis, the cyclicity of the Universe is founded and therefore its eternity.